Our Team

Dr. Jeremy Blitzer


Dr.  Blitzer is a co-founder and Managing Director of Potrero Hill  Therapeutics. Jeremy was also Partner & VP Product Development at  Synergenics, where he had both strategic and operational roles in  Synergenics’s biopharmaceutical division, including evaluation of new  drug discovery and development opportunities, formation of new  companies, and day-to-day responsibility for nearly all aspects of  advancing new drug candidates from inception through IND and clinical  proof-of-concept.  In particular, he had a key role in the discovery and  development activities of Pathologica and BioEnergenix, which are both  currently acquisition candidates with an open IND in the case of  Pathologica. Synergenics, which owns and operates a portfolio of  biotechnology, small-molecule therapeutics, diagnostic, and healthcare  IT companies in the US and Europe, was founded in 2004 by William J.  Rutter, a founder of Chiron Corporation and former head of UCSF's  biochemistry and biophysics department. Prior to joining Synergenics,  Jeremy obtained M.D. and Ph.D. degrees from Stanford University School  of Medicine, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Duke  University.

Stephen Halasz


Mr.  Halasz is a co-founder and Managing Director of Potrero Hill  Therapeutics. Previously,  he was a partner in Synergenics for over a decade, where he was responsible for negotiating and structuring  all significant transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, equity  and debt financings, university spinouts, research collaborations,  partnerships and pharma collaborations, licensing, and supply and  distribution relationships, as well as being responsible for regulatory  matters, resolution of disputes and for strategy for and management of  an international portfolio of several hundred patents. Prior to joining  Synergenics, Mr. Halasz was in private law practice where he handled a  wide variety of transactions including mergers and acquisitions,  corporate finance, leveraged buy-outs, securities offerings, licensing  transactions, and international commercial transactions. He has  experience in many industries besides the life sciences, including  telecommunications, cable television, computer software and hardware,  and manufacturing. Mr. Halasz is a graduate of Yale College and the Yale  Law School.